Sunday, April 17, 2016

24 hour/ $24 makeover: Office & Guest Room

I just really needed a project, so I decided to see if I could remake the office/ guest room in the 12 hours my husband was at work.  He is the one that mostly uses the room, and it's current state was not very manly. 
Here are before photos:
A Girl's White reproduction iron Day bed:

The tiniest (ugliest) desk known to man:

Mostly bare shelves and a big painting of Django. The bed really just gets used to fold laundry.

I didn't want to spend any money. First I took stock of what tools/ paints we had; hammered copper, dark reds and matte black:

 I looked around the house to see what could be moved; I had refinished this antique desk a few years ago, and it was beautiful, but hidden in the bedroom where no one ever got to see it. I also wanted to change my bedroom design - so I was willing to sacrifice it.

I first sprayed the scrolly bits of the day bed with matte black. Then covered the whole thing with hammered copper. I needed to go get 2 more cans of copper to complete it (of course, in 2 separate trips): $12.


 I bought new curtains from Tuesday Morning for $12.

I scoured the house for every hard-back book, and removed all of the dust jackets to reveal the old-timey covers.

I framed my husband's collection of Sailor Jerry Rum posters:

 I framed some other old photographs I'd bought for no good reason at an antique fair (these are some local twin sisters that were vaudevillian stars in the twenties). Spray painted an old frame with hammered copper. I gathered some red/ black/ vintage-y stuff for staging. I pretty much designed the whole room around this lamp, which was already here (bought by my mom at garage sale 30 years ago).

 I used a neutral, quilted bed cover for now - but I do have plans to make a tufted leather cover for the mattress, so it really looks like a couch. That will involve money....