Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cabinet Door Experiment

 I rent, and therefore can do very little to change the appearance of the circa 1975 oak cabinets in my kitchen. Can't paint, can't stain, can't replace - so I am experimenting with just removing the doors. This allows me to micro-manage the staging of my kitchen stuff and take advantage of my obsession to have everything covered in ridiculously bright patterns.


AFTER (5 minutes to remove doors, two hours to stage the contents):

These are the only shapes of coffee mug I can stand (I got several new ones from my mom for Christmas). Yellow floral serving tray and bowl are Rosehill Pottery (artist Maddy Fraioli is a family friend). I also have a set of colorful, older Fioriware plates passed down form my mother.
Candy apple red mixer care of my Step-mother this Christmas.
We get lots of freebies to try from vendors trying to sell my husband goodies at his restaurant. These are Blood Orange and Basil infused Olive oils made here in Petaluma (O Olive Oil & Vinegar).

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Little Boys' Room Makeover

Here is my littler boys' room make-over. It is shared by a 12 year old and an 8 year old, and the previous bunk beds made for a crowded footprint, with no room for a desk. I started out asking what they wanted for a color scheme. There was already a dark purple wall, and, believe it or not, that's what Monkey #1 wanted to work around. "And add orange". Yikes. OK.... 
I sanded the drawers of the existing white, vintage dresser (roughly) and stained them chestnut. I spray painted the insets and legs the signature orange the older monkey requested. I corralled the plushies into a "zoo" on top.
 My husband built loft beds, stained chestnut. He engineered them to be attached to the studs, so they have absolutely no wiggle and can withstand the weight of future teenagers.
 I spray painted a huge box on casters for all of the lego insanity.
 I repainted an aqua bookcase from my older boys room white (white was the only way I could figure out how to bring the purple and orange together in palatable way).
 I repainted  a black desk and a wooden chair from my older boys room white. I spray painted the handle orange.

 I googled "Old school Nintendo oil paintings' (because that is how I roll - I want what I want) and bam! Old School Nintendo oil paintings.
I also repainted their old red bookcase white. Note: there is one corner of the room I'm not showing, because there is a flat screen TV that will be mounted on the wall, but is now sitting sloppily on a purple dresser. Monkey #3's railing is also missing in these pics, but goes up later today.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Big Boy's Room Makeover

Here is my older son's room reveal.

Here is a link to the Pinterest board I used for inspiration.

For the Pipe and Board industrial shelving I started from the tutorial found here. But please note: THIS WAS NOT EASY!! Even with very careful math and a carpenter (my husband) collaborating with me, this project was tedious and took a LOT of trial and error and teamwork. Although we could not get the kind of perfection I had planned for, it still looks great, and is very sturdy and functional. It had to be strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of a 6 foot 2 fourteen year old.

the biggest help I can give you is the source to buy these pipe fittings online. They're almost 1/3 the price of what you find at the hardware store (and have free shipping).

Maybe you remember this old thing (already painted once). This time I used a matte navy and sprayed the hardware copper for a look that will hopefully last him through high school.

 I re-purposed a lampshade I had previously  in the family room, a re-used his Japanese print from years ago.

I made an orb from old embroidery hoops (I went through an embroidery hoop phase and have a cajillion.)

 I had an extra piece of pine from the shelves once all cut to size - so I made a bracketed nightstand.

 The Mason jar lights were the brainchild of my husband. Adding them complicated things a little, but in the end they are pretty spectacular. I painted an old boombox my son had bought at the goodwill to look quasi-retro.

Because he is into Japanese things I hung this vintage Japanese world map from the 1800's (with Japan as the central focus).

I used more embroidery hoops to display old T-shirts.