Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Apron Attempt #1

[Update to "I'll Be Sewing Any Minute Now..."]

Ok. So I rummaged through my intimidating bins of fabric, (purchased or pilfered but never used) and came up with two possible apron color/ pattern schemes:
On the top is a vintage inspired palette using different textures (cotton eyelet and a heavy printed twill – one stripe, one floral).
The second possible combo was partly an unfinished quilting project I started when my youngest was born….7 years later, let’s just let that go, shall we?
Plus a couple of pops of crazy fun color from fabric I keep around to wrap presents that the boys give their friends for birthday parties (which at this age, never end – must we all have parties EVERY year? I never get a party. Stamp foot.)
I decided to start with the crazy bright one (which, by the way, includes a lady bug print), which was probably not a good idea…and you’ll see why.
I usually just wing sewing projects (no patterns, not much pinning and no stopping to iron as I go which you are supposed to do), so don’t follow my lead, because I am lazy.
Maybe it’s because I went to school for it, do it for a living (well, tell people what I want them to sew anyway – patient overseas professional sewers), but it shows in my work, inevitably, and I have to claim that whole “Persian Flaw” philosophy….I’ll talk about that some other time.
Back to aprons.....
I used the started, striped portion of the quilt as the bodice and added contrast rounded patch pockets and waist sash (which ties) as well as a ruffle at the neck.
The final result: clowny, sorry to say.
Too silly for even me to wear, but at least cute and fun enough to hang in the kitchen and brighten like a piece of art. So then I was discouraged and never sewed the next one. Soon…soon….. At least it goes well with my hot sauce collection.
UPDATE: Tie One On's apron making contest theme this month? Well what d'ya know? CIRCUS! Crazy. I entered. We'll see......

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