Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apron Attempt #2 (Apple Cider Challenge)

This season the Apron-based Blog Tie One On's apron project theme is "Apple Cider".

Instead of using fabric I already have stockpiled, I wanted to start fresh this time - inspired by the colors associated with cider (and hoping to end up with an apron I could host Thanksgiving in as well).

I started with what I saw as a cider-colored, lightweight corduroy, and a vintage looking mini-plaid in red, pale yellow and dark green.

I collected a bunch of apple red do-dads (giant rick-rack, a red ruffle trim and an apple appliqué) and some bright apple-red thread.

I found a vintage apron photo that inspired me, printed it out and drew over it the changes and measurements I needed.

I couldn’t help but further indulge my current obsession with vintage labels, so I searched for the perfect apple crate artwork online, and printed it onto cotton printer sheets. Now, because these sheets are very expensive (I got them at Hancock, which can be overpriced, for about $3 a sheet - Hobby lobby may be cheaper) you should first print on regular paper to check color and size. I used cream cotton sheets for a more vintage look. I planned to make the sheet into a pocket.

After removing the paper backing, I folded the edges back and stitched an apple red border around the printed label.

I sewed the pocket on skewed (I thought it looked a little too fussy straight).

I used the plaid for ties, and trimmed the waistband top and bottom with the rick-rack (leaving room for my apple appliqué).

I stacked large green and a tiny red buttons at the straps (non-functional).

I sewed the ruffle to the skirt, and gathered the skirt into the waistband.You can almost smell the mulled spices!


  1. Very cute! You're very talented...I'm a new follower from Get Your Blog Followers on Facebook.

    Take care and keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks Marie! Your site makes me miss Nantucket.....