Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion: Steampunk

Begin with a solid foundation of British Victorian aesthetic
(bustles, top hats, lace collars, corsets, laced boots, and lots of brown leather). Add a break in the space-time continuum, where we veered
off wildly in 1888 and developed futuristic technology powered solely
by the energy of steam (instead of electric micro-processors),
did not develop plastics or any other lightweight metallic alloys
to make our life easier (so we can use only brass),  a tablespoon
of proclivity toward Absinthe addiction (and possibly a dash of
apocalypse) and you have Steampunk.
This quasi-historical, but ultimately fantastically anachronistic

style is both romantic and, well….punk

The genre was originally literary, starting in the 1960’s, when science fiction writers such as

K.W. Jeter emulated the style and referenced fantasy worlds invented by Victorian science
fiction writers (including HG Wells and Jules Vern). The term steampunk was not coined until
the 1980’s.

It attracts me, as it is at once meticulous period costume and science-based mechanic craft, all

with an “up yours” attitude to boot.

Péché in Austin

Beetle Money Clip by Aevalillith Jewelry and Photography by Kate O'brien
Watch by by Aran Wen and Corset by Antiseptic Fashion
Apotheke in NYC
Art by Winona Cookie and Spider Pendant by Jack and Cat Curio
Skeleton Cameo by Eternal Autumn and Steampunk Journal

Shoes by Gianfranco Ferre and Cuff by Aran Wen
Photography by Kate O'brien and Vintage Nouveau Absinthe Poster
Absinthe Stickers by The Paris Apartment
Tie Tack by Catherinette Rings and Watch by Steampunk Lab
Couture by Skingraft
Corset by Antiseptic Fashion and Cuff by Aevalillith Jewelry 

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