Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Judging A Soap by Its Cover

I'm a firm believer in the merit of judging stuff by it's graphic art. I've picked books this way my entire life, and I've only been burned once ("Scar Lover" - a terrible book by Harry Crews....but that may have had something to do with his friend Sean Penn recommending the book on the cover as well.*)
*This was before I realized Sean Penn was an idiot - I'll get to that some other time.

So, although I have not actually used any of these products, their graphic art is making me extremely happy, which is why I'm sharing them with you. They are all from the Pittsfield, MA based company BlueQ.

The "Plain & Thimble" beauty kit [top] uses 50's era references, and color cues not unlike my own banner (which shows they've got good taste).

The "Miso Pretty" line, while, um....stereotypically "exotic", makes me laugh (because, sometimes unabashed quasi-racist plays on words are funny).
"Miso Pretty" lip balm.

"Miso Pretty" beauty kit.

I'm probably the only person in the world that finds the artwork for "La-La Land" scary...but it creeps me out. In a good way.

Their "Lookin' Good for Jesus" and "Total Bitch" lines are a little sardonic even for me, but I do like this "Vinnie's" Vinyl Tampon Case.

They have many more lines and products (all reasonably priced and gift-y). Check them out, and if you happen to order something send me a review.

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  1. Have you seen the Soap & Glory? I love them! I have a few at home, and the quality is decent (not like Aveda, but still quite good.) I love "sexy mother pucker" lip gloss and "shhh... she so flaky" skin scrub. Check it out here: