Saturday, September 18, 2010

No-Sew Tutu Tutorial

My very good friend (and awesome designer), Gordana Bordighi, is the fashion world’s tutu Queen. Who else could get tutus into Nordstrom?

When I had an idea to use a fairy-like tutu in a fashion shoot I thought of her first, and asked advice.

When she was gracious enough to send me not just instructions but a pattern (which required many, many sewn seams), I was grateful and excited.

But, at some point, after Googling tutu projects, and seeing hundreds of search results for “no-sew” tutu instructions, I became intrigued with the idea of not having to sew. I guess I really wanted a project I could do sitting around the living room while the boys’ watched Marmaduke (Horrible movie!), not interrupting with my usual racket made by my sewing machine.

Time wise, it’s got to be about the same (if not more) than a sewn tutu – but I like the result, and the meditative aspect….

These instructions are for an adult sized tutu,but you can reduce accordingly for a smaller sized one.

What you need:

10 yards tulle – if you want a tonal color story, divide that up between 2 or three colors
(Hancock Fabrics was having a sale, so my iridescent taupe tulle was only .93/yard, but my smoky blue color was $1.99.)

Piece of elastic 2 inches longer than waist measurement
(I used a vintage cream 1.5 inch elastic which was .66 a yard)

First measure the length you’d like the finished tutu to be. Add 3 inches to this measurement and cut your entire yardage crosswise this total length.

Now cut all of the pieces lengthwise into 10 inch wide strips (this project is very forgiving, so varying widths and shaky crooked cut lines are fine).

Now sit down and relax for a while because this will take an hour or so….
Tie the strips onto the elastic (at first I used a double knot, but realized a single knot held just as well).

Push each subsequent strip right up against the last. If you are using multiple colors alternate the colored strips the way you want (I did 2 taupe, 1 smoke).

Once all strips are on you can sew the elastic ends together, or (as I did) just tie them with a double knot.

Here is my lovely toothless assistant to model it…….
See this tutu featured in my portfolio shoot HERE.

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