Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Make-up: Replicating Sylvia Ji's Girlies

I obviously got way into Day of the Dead imagery this season (we’ve done sugar skulls, profiled Catrina dolls and highlighted the artwork of Sylvia Ji).

Because I paint my face every year for work (the Friday before Halloween usually) I thought the Sylvia Ji look would be perfect.

What you’ll need:

White grease/ face paint

Black grease/ face paint

2 other colors of grease paint (your choice)

Black eyeliner

2 other colors of eye or lip liner

Big silk rose/s

First I selected an image I wanted to replicate:

Then I covered my face with white. I also dusted my face with a little foundation using a brush (it creates an aged, dingy look - more skull like).  I used the black eyeliner to outline my “orbital cavity” – around your eye – from the top of the brow. I also used it to outline the “spade” shape used for the nasal cavity and to mark the teeth.

Then I filled in my eye area with green and outlined my actual eye with black. I brushed a little green on for gaunt cheeks. I outlined the black circle around my eye with brown. Then filled in the nose with black paint.
I dabbed yellow paint on my chin and forehead in a rough shape of the flowers I wanted to add there. Then I outlined the flowers with red lip liner, and also added red petals around the eyes. I added swirls and dots with varying pencils.

I added the rose to my hair (you could use two!) and added some tears.

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