Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashion Photography: Fairy Tale Shoot

In the interest of keeping in the Hallowe'en mood, this week I'll focus on the more costume-y side of fashion. 

As you've probably already gathered (from my last photo shoot), a current trend in fashion photography is the Fairytale Fashion Shoot. 

This requires not just styling, make-up and photography know-how, but literary and historical knowledge as well. Of course, special effects play a roll more often than not, but the real star in the following photos are the costumes, and meticulous detail with which the stylist follow their themes.....


  1. Love this collection of fairytale photographs!

  2. Thanks for putting together a themed photography post like this. I love, and try to create, fantasy-like photography so it's great to see several artists in the one place.

  3. wow, stunning, so MUCH fun, thx for sharing!!