Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Photography: Underwater

This post will dispel the assumption that the career of being a fashion model is a cushy gig. Not only does a model have to wear whatever the shoot dictates, regardless of the weather (wool sweaters in the summer, bikinis in an icy breeze) all while looking better than any of us can do in the most perfect atmospheric conditions, they sometimes have to fight their fear of heights as they are suspended and push their bodies to the limit for a requested pose (in my last shoot the models were NOT ballerinas – and yet they were forced to cram their feet into pointe shoes and stand up – and "Smile! Arch your back! Quit wincing!". 

In the trendy genre of Underwater Fashion Photography they have to not only look beautiful, but fight anti-gravity and, oh - also - not die, as they hold their breath underwater. I wish I could compile the actual models’ names here, but it’s very difficult to find that information (as photographers tend to leave that info out). 

These girlies keep doing it anyway. Here’s to you fashion models! Some of us know and appreciate what you put up with.

*Of special note: some of these are little kids! Way to cowboy up kids - I'm lucky if mine will just not look disgusted in a photo. Also - most of these are female photographers, which is rare (most fashion photographers are men). Interesting that they are drawn to this style.


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  2. omg i love it! tq for sharing!=)

  3. Thank you for sharing Mallory's work, she was wonderful to work with, Im the model in both of the images (umbrella & bed framed images). I really appreciate what you said about what hard work goes into making these Underwater Images, it is truly hard but the results are compelling nevertheless, which is why we continue on doing what is really unnatural to our bodies ;)