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MWKA Monday - Miki

This is the fourth in a series of interviews with moms who inspire. If you or someone you know would like to participate in this project please contact me.

Miki shares the trials and tribulations of being a fulltime, traveling designer while trying to breast feed a five month old, raise two other monkey-boys with the support of her husband and still find time to indulge her deep interests in music.


Name:  Miki
Age:  36
City:  Los Angeles

How many children do you have and what are their ages and names?
Three: Orion-7, Zevon-5, Maze-5 months.

Tell me about their names, and why you picked them.
 Orion- we love and are curious about what's out There. Plus, one of my favorite song from 7th grade is Orion by Metallica, though, I have gone far beyond my "metal" phase.
 Zevon-coz we wanted a Z name.
 Maze-it just sounded right.

Are you married or have you ever been?
 Yes, and he's been Mr. Mom for the past 4 years.

Do you work outside the home?

What is your position?
 Designer for a clothing company.
 I travel quite a bit, which makes it hard having a new baby.
 With all my 3 kids, I nursed at least until they were one.
 I recently had to travel to Asia, where I had to save a lot milk in the freezer...and had to pump
  on the plane, airport, hotel room, restaurants, malls and many odd places.
 I have also pumped on an airplane (while taking a short 3 day trip to NY), on my seat...
 luckily my co-workers were next to me.  ...Many odd places. Total pumping machine on the go.

Are you doing what you want to be doing, or is it a stepping stone to something else?
 Pretty much what I want to do, though I wish my working situation was different.
 I want to be with my family more.
 And I am definitely open to doing something totally different, just don't know what that is yet.

Did you go to school? When and for what?
 FIDM.  Started in 94...took 5 years, designing, then went back to get my degree 5 years later.

How did you end up in the city you reside in?
 I was with someone, who moved nearby.  Then left him, and drove down an hour to get here. 
 I got a job the next day and have been here for 15 years now.

Where else have you lived?
 Pusan, (and another city) in Korea.   Azores, Portugal.  Banbury, UK.  Peru, Indiana.  Spokane, Washington. Lancaster, CA. 

Where have you traveled?
 London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bournmouth, Glastonbury, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussells, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Seoul, Guahangzhou-China, Ixtapa and Aguas Caliante, Mexico.  From DC-Philadelphia-Ohio-all the way to Idaho, thru Seattle, down Portland thru SF to San Diego. Las Vegas and Tahoe.

What was a typical day for you when you were 20?
 Going to school (college), a lot of music, just hanging out. 

Describe a typical day now:
 5:45 wake up n shower
         get dressed in an outfit I picked out the day before, coz baby sleeps in my bedroom
         and I can't make noise or have the luxury of trying to figure out what to wear.
 6:35 walk to the train station, a mile away...listening to music.
 6:45 get my coffee and bagel from Starbucks.
 7:00 get on the red line.
 7:14 get on the blue line.
 7:40 get on the van to work.
 8:00 work starts.
         Juggle hectic deadlines, overlooking the whole department.
 9:15 pump.
 9:35 back to work, meetings & problem solving....
 12:00 eat lunch.
 12:18 pump again.
 12:35 back to work, more madness.
 2:30  pump.
 2:40  back to work and finish off the day.
 5:00  get on the van to metro to go home.
           Chatting with my friends on the train, coming from South Central to downtown LA.
 6:00  arrive at the station to be picked up to go home.
 6:10  wash up, nurse and hang out with kids, while husband prepares dinner.
 7:00  eat dinner.
 7:30  wash older boys.
 7:50  bathe baby.
 8:10  nurse and put baby to sleep.
 8:45  our time, online, movies.

11:20 sleep.

What do you like to do with your kids for fun?
 Everything.  The Park, hang out at home, go for yogurt, hang out with family, beach, camping....
 Camping is my ultimate favorite.

What do you like to do for yourself?
 Shop for clothes, make clothes and may be one day go out...before I get too old.

How do you make new friends, and how do you keep in touch with old ones?
 Have not really and it's kinna hard to keep friends.
 But my closest friend, she and I text all the time and get together with kids, when she's in town.

What sacrifices have you made for your children?
 My body!
 No more my time.
 Less money (1 income).

Did you ever consider not having children?
 Yes, I think, but not positive.

What has been the hardest period in your life?
 Don't really remember... there's been a lot.

How did you get through it?
 Just did.  I don't dwell on stuff.

What has been the most hopeful period?
 Seeing my children grow up...

What worries do you have for yourself?
 Money and aging.

What regrets?

Are you spiritual? Religious?

If so, have you ever questioned your faith?

What’s your personal philosophy; why do you think we are here?
 As a physical person in this universe?  Here to reproduce...
 As a spiritual being, here to experience now.

What is your nationality/ ethnicity and what are your children’s?
 Me:  Korean
 Kids:  Russian-Jew-Mexican-American Indian-Korean

Is this something you identify with strongly?
 Not at all.

How has the economy affected you and your family in the last few years?
 Not at all, but have noticed our grocery bills are a lot higher.

What’s an important dream you have which you work towards almost every day?
 For all of us (my family) to live joyful and fulfilling lives.

What do you imagine for your children in the future?

  Same as above.

Do you have a mantra (something you tell yourself to help you get through the tough spots)?
 It's all an illusion.  I'm here, just experiencing this life.  I am more than just me, here right now...

How many tattoos do you have and of what?
 None.  Never came up with a design I want to see on my body forever.

What inanimate object would you hate to live without?
My phone

Recommend three bands, films or books, and tell me why:
 Sigur Ros:  makes me feel like I'm at a place between life and death, in a beautiful way.
 Sally Shapiro:  always feels right, no matter what mood I'm in.
 Hard-dark-dubstep, fusioned with a bit of hardcore and electro.

What and who inspires you?
 Traveling abroad.
 Great music.
 My kids.
 My husband.
 Strong women.
 Cute objects.

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