Monday, October 25, 2010

MWKA Monday: Samantha Rutt

This is the fifth in a series of interviews with moms who inspire. If you or someone you know would like to participate in this project please contact me.

New farmer Samantha Rutt, talks about how she got to where she really wants to be, living simply and raising her three kids (plus lots of chickens and a few goats) with her husband on land just East of the Colorado Rockies.

Name: Samantha Rutt 
Age: 29....for 1 more month!!!!
City: High Plains Colorado

How many children do you have and what are their ages and names?

Three: Symphony; 11, Memphis; 7, Pike;18 months.

Tell me about their names, and why you picked them. 
Symphony- can take no credit (all her dad’s); Memphis- some of my southern roots coming through, tough and sweet.
Pike- named for the Mountain he was born at the bottom of (and secretly, Pike was Luke Perry's name in the original Buffy movie).

Are you married or have you ever been?
Married for 1 1/2 years .

Do you work outside the home?

What is your position?

Are you doing what you want to be doing, or is it a stepping stone to something else?
I am more doing what I want at home....although I enjoy serving and can make pretty good money.

Did you go to school? When and for what?
School of life.

How did you end up in the city you reside in?
Had the opportunity to rent a house on some acreage with a greenhouse.

Where else have you lived?
Texas and California.

Where have you traveled?
Nowhere nearly cool enough to mention!!!

What was a typical day for you when you were 20?
Already had one kiddo...Living in Long Beach, probably wake up and play with baby Symie, walk to beach, drive to work, get home and have to park 8 blocks from apartment and walk home hoping not to get robbed. But having fun!!!
Describe a typical day now.
Get up with girls...trying not to wake Pike. Make lunches, breakfast, snacks. 
Then up to feed the 23 chickens and 2 goats. 
Gather eggs.  Girls off to school.  
Chill with husband, Brandon  for a few before he leaves for work. 
Play with Pike, chickens, goats, dogs. Garden or clean pens. 
Pike waits for the "irls" at the front door when he hears the bus.
Homework, play, dinner, chill, kids go to bed....Grown up time!

What do you like to do with your kids for fun?
We mostly have fun just being silly around the house...Pike is pretty entertaining. 

What do you like to do for yourself?
Smoke a joint and read a book or listen to music...maybe a bath

How do you make new friends, and how do you keep in touch with old ones?
 I don't really make new friends...I guess if I do it’s from work.  Keep in touch with old Facebook.  Before that, a phone call or letter a few times a year.
What sacrifices have you made for your children?
 I don't think staying with the girls' dad for as long as I did was a sacrifice for them....but maybe I thought so at the time.   Now I think I mostly sacrifice my peace of mind when they are not with me and my sanity when they are.

Did you ever consider not having children?

What has been the hardest period in your life?
Splitting from a bad, long term relationship....helping the girls through it as well.

How did you get through it?
I always knew there was never any other option but to get through it.

What has been the most hopeful period?
Marrying Brandon, pursuing a common dream.  Raising awesome children!

What worries do you have for yourself?
I try not to worry.

What regrets?
No regrets...most of the stupid sh*t I did eventually led to something good.

Are you spiritual? Religious?

What’s your personal philosophy; why do you think we are here?
I have no f**king clue why we are here....I guess it's just our turn to be here and then someday we won't. So love each other every moment.

What is your nationality/ ethnicity and the ethnicity of your children?
Well, I have a mom from Guam and a dad from Texas...of Irish descent.  My two daughters were both born in So Cal...they share a few ethnicities...1/4 black...1/4 Pacific Islander and 1/2 white.  My son Pike is a Colorado native.  None of the Islander comes out in him...all Irish with blue eyes and blond hair.   

Is this something you identify with strongly?
Not at all.
Has the economy affected you and your family in the last few years?
No, tourists are still coming through on schedule.  My family and I grow a lot of food and eat a lot of eggs.

What’s an important dream you have which you work towards almost every day?

To raise my children to have confidence in who they are and to teach them skills that no class room can offer.

What do you imagine for your children in the future?

I hope that they live simply and all find true love.

Do you have a mantra (something you tell yourself to help you get through the tough spots)?

Just to be love and focus on positive things happening.

Recommend three bands, films or books, and tell me why: 
Still Life With Woodpecker (by Tom Robbins). Am I the last person on the planet who hadn't read that? was everything I ever could want in a book...outlaws, exiled royal family with a ginger princess daughter, Seattle, anal sex....the list goes on. 
The Black Keys...funky and bluesy.  
The Tudors...the reign of Henry VIII and all his wives.  Great story and show!!! Super hot! 

What inanimate object would you hate to live without?

How many tattoos do you have and of what?
1. Really bad Betty Boop (trampstamp)
2. Daughter names around lotus flower
3. Pikes name below that 
4. Bluebonnet- representing Texas!!

What and who inspires you?

My husband and my kids inspire me.  I want them to have as many happy-loving-productive memories of me as possible.  I don't ever want them to think that I was just "alright"!!!

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