Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fashion Photography: The Living Doll

As promised last week [see:Fashion Photography: Android Chic], I’ve compiled a group of shots using the “Living Doll/ Broken Doll” fashion shoot theme.

I suppose, as a fashion designer, the appeal of this type of shoot is to focus completely on the clothing. With a blank faced, nearly inanimate model, very little attention is being stolen from your handiwork within the scene. 

This theme also produces an interesting portrait-like effect; more static and “frozen in time” than most modern photography. Of course, an element of playfulness is always key to this approach as well.

There's the Living Barbie approach...

Unfortunately I was unable to find information (in English) on these great photos from the weird Russian photo site -


And the much more common Baby Doll Approach.....

Photography by Becky Sapp:

Photography by Cannibalized:

Photography by Anastasia Aleshin:

Unknown Photographer:

Unknown Photographer:

Photography by Philippe Roy:

Unknown Photographer:

Avril Lavigne shot for Prestige Magazine:

Unknown Photographer:

The reigning queen of the Living Doll shoot; model Lily Cole.......

British Vogue shoot featuring Lady Gaga:


  1. wow, fantastic photographs! Great ideas! I am going to shoot "The Living Doll" fashion shoot theme. So, I was looking for some photographs and came across your blog. Love it!

  2. This is a one in a million post. I MUST try out a "doll" theme soon!

  3. this is great!!thanx!! :) :)

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