Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Retro Cook Books

I’m having a love affair with retro food and cooking art. It helps that I’m pretty keen on retro recipes as well. Lucky for me I haven’t succumb to the trendy whole foods/ clean foods/ pure foods/ organic everything and saturated fat nothing mumbo jumbo that so many of my generation has. Or is it unlucky? I guess it depends on the day and the scale.

Lots of others are like-minded in their nostalgia for recipes where ketchup and/ or Jell-O is the main ingredient. Well, they are at least nostalgic for the lovingly rendered illustrations of these concoctions.

I’ve compiled a few resources, to get us in the mood for the upcoming Holidays and all of the nostalgia-based cooking that comes with them.
The Ever-Important Retro Cocktail Manual
Beef Porcupines
Appetizers Cook Book
From Betty Crocker's Picture Cook book
Retro Breakfast Cook Book
Jello-O Cook Book Circa 1930
Pretty Jell-O Concoction (yes, yes, it's filled with peas and corn - probably from a can).
Retro Desserts Cook Book
Old magazine spread. The Caption says "Serve the rich fruity salad with mayonnaise and Celery-seed dressing"
Companion to the Site "Gallery of Regrettable Food"
Kids Cook Book
1950's Appliance Ads
Retro Pies Cook Book
Recipe from a 1958 Family Circle Magazine
Let's all get together and dress like this. Such a lovely team, these ladies.
A couple of REALLY scary Miracle Whip ads with Recipes circa 1973.
Almonds-in-a-Haystack Appetizer. Hard to read what's inside, but I can only imagine..

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  1. I like how they look these delicious dishes. I also like organic food. Congratulations for this interesting article.