Monday, December 27, 2010

Dickensian Style

Sometimes I have an idea for a genre of fashion or design inspiration that I want to highlight and explore...and find out it only exists in my own head.
fter seeing a live production of "A Christmas Carol" with my kids, I was inspired by Dickensian style.
I Googled "Dickensian Style/ fashion/ inspiration/ photography" and found almost nothing! So maybe the literature and era of Dickens isn't something many designers derive inspiration from, but why?
Dickensian Style
to me references mid 19th century England, top hats and tweed, Gothily ragged hems, floppy muslin shirts and under skirts, layers of browns and blacks and greys all tinged with coal smoke and industrial revolution ennui.
t's Steampunk's depressed cousin. It conjures up images of orphans and harsh mistresses, debtor's prison, street children and corrupted miserly landlords.
ell, anyway, the only cooperative designer was my dearly departed Alexander McQueen (as per usual). Before his death I hadn't realized the depth and breadth of his legacy. He always comes through; no matter what I've been inspired by....he's been inspired first.

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