Friday, December 10, 2010

Wishing You a Very Retro Christmas

  More than any other time of year, Christmas is when nostalgia takes over.

We even "remember" lovingly the traditions and stylings of our Grandparents' holiday seasons that took place before we were born...and sometimes we look back even further.

think it's interesting to note how utilitarian things (things we would probably never think of as "gifts" these days) were advertised at Christmas more often than toys and games in the past century.

We could probably cut down on excessive consumerism if we trained ourselves to enjoy getting vacuums, typewriters and ironing boards for Christmas.....

Check out Mrs. Claus's gams!

Product placement, Rockwell style.

I knew there was a reason I was never having a "real Family Christmas".

"November is Wake to Music Month". I think they overlooked a major flaw in this advertising campaign.
I have a soft spot for pastel cakes.

Space Age Wrapping Paper
Odd advertising would you have gotten to the airport if you're snowed in? And the mom and girl stand in the snow up to their ankles with bare legs why?
I'll say! That thing is schweet!
No idea why he's in a copter.
Awesome Motorola ad circa 1961. Look at that house! Fantastic!

And now, shocking proof of how much things change over time.....
apparently cartons of cigs were the must-give gift. 

Yeah...I can see that.

Et tu, Lucy?

Oh, and also some guns for the little ones....who can't smoke.

Ok, back to some Victorian wholesomeness.  They did invent Christmas as we know it, and they did it better than anyone.

It was a priority to perfect electric Christmas tree lights (made available in 1882) because Victorians lit their trees with little clip candles (resulting in many tragic fires). However, until the early 1900's a lit tree could cost as much as $300 (the equivalent of $2000 today).
Nothing said Christmas to Victorians, like puppies and kittens...and an occasional turtle.

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