Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'll be sewing any minute now.......

I have a little obsession with frilly aprons. I collect fabrics with grand plans of sewing vintage looking aprons until I have an impressive collection. The dream is to have enough so that each piece both compliments what I am wearing and my kitchen decor (all in the hopes of furthering my goal of morphing into Donna Reed).

Not that I've ever actually put any kind of physical energy into this dream....

Now I've found a competitive push to beginning this endeavor (competition is always very helpful in jump starting these types of pipe dreams).

Tie One On is a blog that asks its readers to send in photos of their homemade aprons to be judged and deemed blog-able.

The hostess also provides themes for each gallery she's assembling, which is helpful because design constraints usually produce the best creative juices.