Thursday, February 10, 2011

Etsy Store Project - Dress #1

Since dropping out of school this semester I've had a teeny bit of free time, and we can't have that.

It seems as though everyone and their sister has an Etsy store. Just a place to put up those random, heart-felt projects that we do, for no reason, for fun and experiment, with the slightest hope that they may make us a buck or two. I thought I might join the masses.

I've been wanting to make some super-girly dresses, using happy print and texture mixing, so here is my first one (look past the shoddy's just a prototype....and you know "shoddy" is just how I roll).

At left is my idea for the shop name and tag design.

Give me your opinions on the whole direction.
I started with a Vogue pattern, to get the basic measurements, but altered it as I went along, adding piping, topstitching and some wide ribbon trim I had that happened to match my fabrics exactly added as a cuff.

I am obviously jonesing hard for spring. And picnics and swinging on swings (which this dress is ideal for).


  1. i personally love it for many reasons....length of sleeves are my fav....covers any arm jiggle you may want to hide! The flowy bottom looks comfy and cool...not con-straining....and the neck looks like it can show off a good amount of cleavage too! sam :)

  2. Love the mixing and matching of fabrics!! - Lindsay