Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Nomad Chic

When a trend hits the runways it takes a year or two for the ideas to trickle down into the wardrobes of us ordinary people. A lot of work is required for mainstream designers to interpret and filter the in-your-face looks that haute couture houses can get away with.

Some trends are more difficult than others to humanize for the masses, and Nomad Chic is one that will be hard for the everyday woman to pull-off.

How do I explain this one? The idea is derived from an almost biblical time period. Vast stretches of desert span before us and food is so scarce we can never stop moving forward in search of it. To achieve this constant journey everything we own must be worn on our own backs. 

Our extensive travels have exposed us to all of the most luxurious goods and textiles that exist, and we revel in the endless combinations we can achieve by mixing and matching treasures from so many different cultures. We are warriors if need be, because we are sometimes not wanted in the the territory we invade.

Animal skins and fur play with kilim inspired prints and natural linens. Accessories pile on; head wraps, extravagant bangles and belts. Layer upon layer of pattern and texture produce the kind of editorial friendly look, that will make you look just plain homeless (instead of romantically nomadic) if you were to attempt to wear it on the street. Well, the photos are still beautiful.....

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