Monday, February 14, 2011

Felt Crafty Class Valentines

Note: This craft adapted from the one found at Merriment Design (link).

It's that time of year again: assembly line valentine production.

I have boys in second and third grade, with 46 total classmates, and only medium length attention spans (they're better than most boys their age, trained to, I mean, enjoy, craftiness from birth).

My mother always had me hand make all of my classmates' valentines, and although it was always a whine-fest, I was proud the next day at school when everyone "oohed" and "ahhed" my handiwork.

I always feel a little guilty throwing away the big box of valentines the boys bring home (none of which are EVER hand made), so I thought we'd try to make something that had a day or two extra staying power.

These felt crafts are both valentine envelopes/ candy holders and bracelets.

What you'll need:
-Lots of felt (on sale at Hobby Lobby for 17 cents a sheet). We picked a boy-friendly red and a girly hot pink, plus contrast sheets for the envelope/heart flap). I got two bracelets/ 8 hearts per sheet.
-Felt Glue (but I think regular white glue might be the same thing....wasn't magically bonding or anything).
-Stick-on velcro
-Valentines (or card stock if you're printing them)
Cut the sheets in half and cut out a "T" shape. Cut the bottom portion wide enough to fit whatever you're putting into the envelope (valentine/ candy).
Apply glue along sides and fold up to make pocket (meet edge to top edge). 
*Alternatively you can sew these edges, but with glue the kids can do it themselves.

Cut out contrast heart, the same width of the pocket (this will be the envelope flap). Glue round edges (heart will be upside down) to the top back of the pocket. 

Apply velcro to hold flap closed. you can get cute and cut out heart shapes from the velcro - but that stuff is expensive, so I just ended up using little squares. I even used just the "hook" side, as it grabbed the felt well (and didn't need the "loop" side).

Apply velcro to edge of bracelet strip.

I used art from The Graphics Fairy for the valentines: A vintage bird (that was suitable for boys and girls). 

Click to enlarge and print on cardstock.
Assembly Line Production Complete.


  1. These turned out great! Did they get feedback from their class to how much these rocked? -danine

  2. Actually the third grade thought they were weird and questioned them....whatyagonnado? I forgot how precarious the tightrope of normalcy can be in public school.....

  3. What? That's terrible they thought they were weird. What's weird is the commercialization of a very simple holiday. Imagine all the garbage each year....