Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Revamp: Old and Cheap BBQ

I have a terribly cruddy old gas BBQ I inherited on my patio.

As ugly as it is (I can't stand looking at it outside of my sliding glass doors in my dining room!) it actually works fine.

I figured before I threw it out, I'd see if I could make it pretty (for almost no money).

I disassembled it as must as possible. I unscrewed the wooden slates on either side and the wooden handle, and removed the top portion from its hinges. Of course, I also removed the gas tank.

I scrubbed and scraped grease and residue until I couldn't stand to do it any more. I then dried off all the parts, lay them on a tarp and painted each component a different color (using outdoor spray paint).

I used a redwood color for the wooden pieces (which I also needed to touch up a rocker that I keep on the patio), a hunter green for the lid (and the wheels - for fun) which matches my patio umbrella and a specially formulated heat tolerant black BBQ paint for the body (cost the same as the others - about $3.50 at Walmart).

I let the pieces dry and then reassembled.....and it's almost pretty! Should last another season, anyway. Super frugal and makes me pine for springtime.

*Update: the burner in this cheap BBQ was rusted out, but they sell them at Lowes and Home Depot ($27) so I bought one and easily installed it myself! Works like new now.

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