Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Fruit Bouquets

I made these bouquets last year, but didn't document it. They're so easy I think we'll do it every year for their annual class party.

They're in the same style as those "Edible Arrangements" things, but those are a crazy rip-off (like 70 bucks!).

They're a surprisingly kid-friendly food-craft, considering how great they look at the end.

You can get as anal as you want, calculating how many kids are in the class, and how they'll each get a chocolate strawberry...but we've found that the kids are fine sharing, and they just like the look of it for their party.

What you'll need:
-Basket or other valentine themed receptacle (mine is from Hobby Lobby, on sale for $3)
-Styro foam piece that can be cut to fit inside snugly
-Pretty paper to cover the foam
-Wooden food skewers
-Cut fruit (melons, pineapple)
-Whole Strawberries, grapes, blueberries
-Dolci Frutta dipping chocolate (in produce section of the grocery store)
-Roll of cellophane
-Decorative ribbon

Trace around your basket onto your foam piece to figure out what needs to be trimmed. Cut with exacto knife.

If your foam and basket are not snugly compatible you can hot glue the foam to the bottom after covering it.

 Wrap the foam with pretty paper. I used a sheet using The Graphics Fairy art sheet found here.
Pre-poke holes in covered foam with the pointy end of skewer in a symmetrical pattern.

Skewer the fruit onto sticks leaving 2-3 inches at the bottoms for sticking into the foam and 1-2 inches at the top pointy edge for a whole strawberry.

Heat chocolate as per instructions and dip strawberries (keeping leaves on).
 Let cool on parchment for 10 minutes (it dries to a shiny, hard chocolate coating).
Top each skewer with a strawberry and insert blunt end of skewers into holes.

Cover with cellophane and secure with decorative ribbon. Refridgerate until party.


  1. This is a great teacher gift idea, or class party idea! I wouldn't have thought of that. I think kids could really have fun with this.

  2. Thanks - it really is one that you don't have to help much with.

  3. Good thing your big boy helped you make this fruit bouquet. And it seems that he enjoyed it, probably because he could have some of the chocolates too. LOL! This can be a business that will add income to a family when properly applied.