Monday, May 30, 2011

Imminent Blog Resurrection

What my studio aspires to....
After a long boring hiatus of the real world interrupting my blog, I will be resuming with a vengeance in a couple of weeks.

First we all vacation on Block Island for a week, and then.....(trumpets).....I will be monkey-less for almost two weeks!

Combine that with my new summer work schedule of Fridays off, and my stock pile of interior design projects should be getting an electrifying jump start!

Here are some plans (if I write them down I will feel compelled to follow through, one hopes.):

Studio Re-Do.

After attempting to work in my studio for a few months it has become apparent that it sucks. Not enough surface area, storage or light. As it is now I rummage frantically through piles (messing up my carefully color-coordinated stacks), sew on the floor, hot glue dangerously and haphazardly wherever and end up more often than not drinking wine while trying to beat my Bejeweled high score, blocking out the rubble with my mind.

Here is some inspiration for a studio sure to strike jealousy in the hearts of my other crafty friends:

Monkey Rooms Make-Over (also known as Project "Go the F**k to Sleep" (see book of same name).

For years I forced the boys to sleep in separate bedrooms, thinking that separating them would ease the bedtime process. Ok, so after YEARS of them waking up in the same bed I give up. I put their bunk beds back together and made two spaces: bedroom and "library/ computer room". The result is two rooms kept cleaner than the two we had before (I'm not exactly sure why, but that alone was worth it), although bedtime; pretty much just as annoying.
No one will take the top bunk. If Marley wasn't already a man-sized 9 year-old, this might not be such an issue. I've come up with a few ideas to make the top bunk more attractive,and plan to implement them while they're away as a surprise.

Some inspiration:


  1. These rooms are beautiful! You have a GREAT space to do something like this. I don't want to go down to my makeshift craft room. Great pics!

  2. Thank you mama...we'll definitely have to christen it with some cool projects when it's done!