Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashion Photography: Ode to the Zaftig

I am currently pretty chubbed out (but working on it).

My weight has always fluctuated drastically, with no apparent catalysts, so it's not as if I'm a "skinny person in a fat person's body"...I straddle both sides, with the accompanying double wardrobe.

Ideally (on my skinny days) I am a perfect sample size 8, but today (this week, this month....this year) is most certainly not a skinny one.

Being a size 10 [cou-12-gh] while working in a world of size 8 samples is frustrating. I can only imagine the pressure felt by those in the size 2 print and runway fashion world.

As a tribute to "non-waifs" (because, seriously, these girls seen on the street would not bring to mind the words "fat" or overweight in a million years), I've compiled a little spread of the Plus-size model.

Most of these photos are of Crystal Renn, the anorexic turned plus size model, who is one of the only accepted  mainstream print "non-waifs" (she is only a size 10 mind you). 

Even cute, chubby Marilyn at her heaviest Some Like it Hot weight (which was immediately after a miscarriage) was probably only a whopping size 6.

It helps put things into perspective when you are trying desperately to zip up that dress you are able to fit into only on your skinniest days. 



  1. These "plus" sized models really aren't even "plus" sized. I'm right there with you, I usually wear a 9 but I definately go up and back down again. Honestly, I would love to see "plus" sized advertising more than the sickly skinny girls. I love the quote, "Beauty is not determined by the size of your jeans" so true!

  2. I know! It's crazy that these are PLUS SIZED models. I found a photo of the same model rocking the runway in a Jean Paul Gaultier show. I think she was even carrying a basket of baguettes. Yay for carbs!