Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home Flag Banner (with printables)

While I was away on a business trip to Utah this winter, my kids surprised me with a "Welcome Home" flag banner they made with notebook paper and crayons.

I loved how it looked in the location they hung it so much I left it up for months.

While they were gone I decided to design a permanent banner (that would also welcome them back).
I designed the letter flags in Photoshop (see printables at the end of this post) using Googled images of "damask" and "vintage border" for the backgrounds. I used free fonts (found on

I printed two sets on cardstock.

After cutting out the flags I lined them up accordingly and matched the two sides (so it reads "Home Sweet Home" from both the kitchen and the parlor).

I taped the two top edges of each flag together and and then on to twill ribbon tape.


I stapled the bottom points together.

Printables (click to enlarge and print).

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