Saturday, August 20, 2011

Melon Salsa

I threw this recipe together quickly for my "A Muse Schmooze" get-together with the Longmontinas.

The group is designed to push each other to finish started projects (from knitting to novel-writing). Mostly we just  drink wine, eat cheese and make sarcastic jokes. So awesome.

Anyway...Melon Salsa!

Cantaloupes were practically being given away at Safeway today, so I picked some up and improvised something that would be bright and summery to celebrate summer's almost end.

What you'll need:
~1/2 Cantaloupe
~1 red onion
~1 small cucumber
~2 roma tomato (firm)
~1 bunch of cilantro
~2 serrano peppers
~juice of 2 limes
~1 can of  black beans, drained and washed
~Salt to taste

Dice everything (except the beans). Toss with  beans, lime juice and salt and refrigerate a few hours (to let the lime seep in).

Serve with blue corn chips. Should go well with a Mexican beer or an apple-y Chardonnay.

Makes two party-dip-bowl-sized servings.

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