Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Other Princess Diana

To commemorate my 100th post and one year of blogging, I'd like to pay tribute to our Amazonian Warrior Princess.

I was Wonder Woman for Halloween no less than 3 times in a row (during a non-stop growth spurt which resulted in my mom having to sew three completely different costumes). Of course, these years coincided with the three years in which the original show aired, and in my mind no one will ever be able to replace Lynda Carter (so thank goodness that whole Adrienne Palicki thing bit the dust, because I hate David E. Kelley, and her new outfit was stupid.)


I love the original comic book, the later comic books, the Nazi-fighting (70's spin on the 40's) TV version, the ultra disco TV version, weird fan art and any odd collectible, the creepier (and anti-sexy) the better. Because the princess is the goddess of truth, here to kick ass and save the world - NOT be ogled by mere mortals...and that's enough geekage. Maybe my mom will make me one more costume....
Super Mag Circa 1977 (with Peter Frampton center-fold!)
Buttons by Crab-Apple Designs
Fan Art By Rebecca Guay.
First Issue


Original Sketches

DC Direct Elseworlds Wonder Woman from the Prestige Format Graphic Novel Amazonia.

The copy on this is all kinds of dare they sully the vaguely appropriated image of the princess?

Nouveau Fan Art by Iamacoyfish

From the sketchblog of Ted Dawson and Wes Hargis

Original Nazi-fighting Carter
Bracelet at Rezin8

Limited Edition Vintage Style Statuette

Hip Baby Togs at Baby Wit

Ad for 1966 Aurora Model Kit


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