Friday, February 25, 2011

Cotton's High and The River is Low............

The weather teased us here in Colorado, so now there's snow....again. But we already started dreaming about here is a tribute to the color and scent of seafoam and sand.

Seafoam Mango Juicy Bug by dreamalittle7
Satin Seafoam Dress by Alexander McQueen
Project From The Pretty Paper Blog
Rubber dipped copper ring, antique metal bank and retro bridesmaid shoe
Pretty Tulle Rosettes
UK Vogue Shoot

Holly Abston's Kitchen
Coastal Living Dining Room
Artwork by PidgeonPrints
Photography found at Prettigeeky's Photostream
Icelandic Bridge
Seafoam Stacked Rings at Sundance Catalog
Collage by Glam & Glitterz
Sweet Tea Set

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Revamp: Old and Cheap BBQ

I have a terribly cruddy old gas BBQ I inherited on my patio.

As ugly as it is (I can't stand looking at it outside of my sliding glass doors in my dining room!) it actually works fine.

I figured before I threw it out, I'd see if I could make it pretty (for almost no money).

I disassembled it as must as possible. I unscrewed the wooden slates on either side and the wooden handle, and removed the top portion from its hinges. Of course, I also removed the gas tank.

I scrubbed and scraped grease and residue until I couldn't stand to do it any more. I then dried off all the parts, lay them on a tarp and painted each component a different color (using outdoor spray paint).

I used a redwood color for the wooden pieces (which I also needed to touch up a rocker that I keep on the patio), a hunter green for the lid (and the wheels - for fun) which matches my patio umbrella and a specially formulated heat tolerant black BBQ paint for the body (cost the same as the others - about $3.50 at Walmart).

I let the pieces dry and then reassembled.....and it's almost pretty! Should last another season, anyway. Super frugal and makes me pine for springtime.

*Update: the burner in this cheap BBQ was rusted out, but they sell them at Lowes and Home Depot ($27) so I bought one and easily installed it myself! Works like new now.