Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monkey Room Make-Over #1

To begin the make-over of my boys' bedroom, I started with a color scheme that I knew they already liked: bright green, dark orange and medium turquoise.

I got a quart each of semi-gloss in the orange and the green, and a can of the turquoise in glossy spray paint. My paint was $14 each at Lowes, but that's way too much for the projects I was using it next time I'd go somewhere cheaper like Walmart.

I first tried to find comforter covers or quilts in these colors, but was shocked to find out that no company offers affordable (less than the hundreds of dollars you might pay for something nice at Pottery Barn Kids) yet 100% cotton kids bedding.

To make the twin sized covers myself I bought 6 coordinating 100% cotton fabrics (2 1/2 yards each) from Hobby Lobby and sewed the solids ($2.99/ yard) and striped patterns ($6.99/ yard)  together for interest. Total cost of fabric: $65.00 for both. Total time for sewing: about an hour.

I was also having to work around their existing bunk beds which were hand-me-downs from a neighbor: red, yellow and blue metal.

I found a red, yellow and orange shag rug (made from recycled materials) at Big Lots for $30 (I felt like it cost too much! But I really liked it,  so I got it anyway. Maybe I'm just really cheap.....)

Their lime green metal side table was found at a thrift shop for $2.

I revamped their old thrift shop dresser (from the seventies?) which I got for $25 by roller painting the drawers and body separately, then spray painting the hardware (removed it first). 

The orange and green baskets are from Easter 2 years ago (I hate getting baskets that can't do double duty): $2 each from Hobby Lobby.

 I purchased the hanging Cubes unfinished (with hangers already attached) at Michael's: $5.99 for a pair of big and small.

After spray painting the cube I applied scrapbook paper (59 cents each) to the back with rubber cement (notching out a place for the hangers).

Green Ikea hanging organizer found at thrift shop: $2.


Quilt made by their Grandma Kathy from old shirts (flannel and corduroy). Chair from Big Lots: $20.

Poster prints from Baltimore Museum of Modern Art (gifts from Grandma).

Raw wooden shelf from Michael's: $9.99 (spray painted). I wanted to provide a place for night-time water and books while on the top bunk.

The boys requested a cactus garden, so I got the cacti at Lowes (about $4 each), and the plastic container at Big Lots ($1). Rocks are from my yard.


The chalkboard hanger was originally a black framed mirror from Pottery Barn which broke during a move. I painted the frame green and the backboard with chalkboard paint.  

I hung a trio of paper lanterns for reading on the top bunk: lanterns ($1 - $3) and lighting kits ($10.75 each) from Luna Bazaar. Curtain: $3.99 at Ross. Rod: $2.99 Big Lots. 

Dresser "BEFORE".

Lime garbage pail was one of this year's Easter baskets (the other one went in the bathroom).