Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hula Hoop Hoopla

Spring, to me, is inextricably linked to hula hooping (and roller skating....and swinging...and silk dresses....).

But let's focus on hooping today.

Yes, it's got a retro panache, and a childhood association that makes you feel silly and can sometimes (lately) conjure up a fair lot of stinky dread-locked drum-circling images (for some reason)...but fundamentally, it's just damned good exercise.

I recommend getting a hoop made for you (it's inexpensive if you think of it as exercise equipment, as opposed to a toy: starting at about $25).

I had my hoop made locally by (based in Boulder), and they'll make one according to your hoop weight & color preferences.
Jane Russell Hoops

Everything old is new again: Life magazine documents the "50's Craze" of the 1970's

Salvaged Material covered hoops by RainbowsAndTea
I had my custom hoop made by Hooped in Boulder, CO

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  1. You compiled a wonderful collection of hooping images. :-)