Friday, March 16, 2012

Classic Hollywood Archetypes: The Femme Fatale

Jan Sterling
The femme fatale (which translates from the French as "deadly woman") is an archetype that pre-dates cinema. She is often portrayed in literature and film as a sexual vampire (leaving her male victims as shells of themselves), hence the turn-of-the-century American slang term "vamp", synonymous with this character.

The hey-day of the femme fatale  was seen in the film noire era of the 40's and 50's. Some debate whether she's a misogynist representation of something men fear, or response to the war and the new breed of woman independent from men.

You can spot her by her suspiciously seductive sideways glance, her serious bedroom eyes, the cigarette on her lips and the pistol in her garter (but you'll probably see that one too late).

Gloria Grahame
Lauren Bacall
Kim Novak

Ava Gardner
Ann Savage

Veronica Lake
Hedy Lamarr
Lizabeth Scott
Rita Hayworth
Yvonn Decarlo (later asked how she felt about playing Lily Munster, Decarlo said she'd "play her just like Donna Reed")
Linda Darnell
Marlene Dietrich
Peggy Cummings
Joan Bennett

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Bohemian: The Photography of Ellen Rogers

You can find Ellen Rogers' book "Aberrant Necropolis"  here.

Hula Hoop Hoopla

Spring, to me, is inextricably linked to hula hooping (and roller skating....and swinging...and silk dresses....).

But let's focus on hooping today.

Yes, it's got a retro panache, and a childhood association that makes you feel silly and can sometimes (lately) conjure up a fair lot of stinky dread-locked drum-circling images (for some reason)...but fundamentally, it's just damned good exercise.

I recommend getting a hoop made for you (it's inexpensive if you think of it as exercise equipment, as opposed to a toy: starting at about $25).

I had my hoop made locally by (based in Boulder), and they'll make one according to your hoop weight & color preferences.
Jane Russell Hoops

Everything old is new again: Life magazine documents the "50's Craze" of the 1970's

Salvaged Material covered hoops by RainbowsAndTea
I had my custom hoop made by Hooped in Boulder, CO

Monday, March 12, 2012

Super Rushed Project Runway Submission

Thursday I was contacted by a casting director drumming up applications for the next season of Project Runway.

After MUCH Facebook peep encouragement I scrambled to get together a shoot of a few of my most recent dresses in order to get the submission in their hands by the March 15th deadline.

I collaborated with the lovely model Danielle Lyann, (and the Colorado weather cooperated!) for these photos I think came out representing me and my style perfectly!

Application is in the mail! Cross your fingers for me!