Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cabinet Door Experiment

 I rent, and therefore can do very little to change the appearance of the circa 1975 oak cabinets in my kitchen. Can't paint, can't stain, can't replace - so I am experimenting with just removing the doors. This allows me to micro-manage the staging of my kitchen stuff and take advantage of my obsession to have everything covered in ridiculously bright patterns.


AFTER (5 minutes to remove doors, two hours to stage the contents):

These are the only shapes of coffee mug I can stand (I got several new ones from my mom for Christmas). Yellow floral serving tray and bowl are Rosehill Pottery (artist Maddy Fraioli is a family friend). I also have a set of colorful, older Fioriware plates passed down form my mother.
Candy apple red mixer care of my Step-mother this Christmas.
We get lots of freebies to try from vendors trying to sell my husband goodies at his restaurant. These are Blood Orange and Basil infused Olive oils made here in Petaluma (O Olive Oil & Vinegar).