Saturday, September 15, 2018

Step One : Write That Shit Down

My friend recently shared an Erykah Badu quote which sums up the purpose of my first step:

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And I don't know all of the specifics of the clockwork of the universe, but it just produces results; fast, efficiently, precisely. I used to think as long as I said it out loud future Kit would make it happen, but now I realize there were always notebooks full of notes and plans and calendars on how to make it happen... and that was probably the magic part.

So I got this here planner (InnerGuide 2018 Goal & Life Planner):

And I write down everything, every day.

On the left: trying to figure out vitamins. On the right: keeping track of how badly I fail at meeting new people (I can hardly even find famous people in the world to be inspired by...) My misanthropy runs wayyyy too deep.

I keep track of anything I hear or read that inspires me:

General plans and goals (and you can see at the bottom this particular planner has lots of inspirational quotes and visualization techniques along the way):

And more specific plans and lists to keep track of progress (This is a list of films I want to see - except, NOT Frances Ha, because I just tried watching it last night and it was stupid.)

Visual boards to look at to remind of how I want something to look (like my bathroom, or a vacation or here, this is my style aesthetic - equal parts Joan Jett/ Bjork/ Dita Von Teese):

The most important aspect is honesty, and I have to admit (and confront) the failures until I can figure out the puzzle. This planner (of course) puts  a lot of emphasis on spirituality - and I just....lag at getting to that part. Every month. But I at least admit it and think about and it's in there in the Rube Goldberg machine of my brain being worked on.

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