About Me

My name is Kit (short for Kitrine, pronounced ki' - trin - ee). I keep my first husband's last name of James because I think it sounds like a wild west character. My name is Greek but I am not (just born to American draft-dodgers influenced by their stay in Athens). I was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, and am coincidentally a bit Swiss as well. I'm also; Irish, Polish, Italian, German and English. If I can get back on to a local Roller Derby team I plan to use the name "Termin8 Trixie".

Most of my design career has been spent in embellishment (graphic art and embroidery) and art direction (corporate identity and advertising) for fashion industry needs. I have a degree in Fashion Design from FIT.  

I do this blog because it helps me stay organized, or "in fine fettle". I use it to prioritize projects, design concepts and recipes for both my kids and myself. I also find it enhances innovation knowing someone else may be inspired.

I’ve been in the industry for more than 25 years, have worked in NY, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Colorado, and do freelance remotely for companies worldwide.
I grew up in a small, tourist driven Victorian era town outside New York City where I learned the value of aesthetics and historical design continuity.
I made my own clothes and accessories in high school, with a LOT of focus on Halloween costumes each year. This led me to study fashion and costume design. I actually planned to do Creature Design, but settled on Costume and Fashion as an alternative.
I worked in a Victorian d├ęcor shop all through college (dressing windows), and volunteered for an intensive design committee project with my mother, which required precise emulation of Revolutionary Era Christmas decor within an entire Historical cottage. Both of these experiences heavily influenced the way I approach design. I ended school with a month long class in Paris studying Historical French Costumes and Interiors, and my design process was cemented by the time I began my career in NYC in 1993. 

Since then I’ve focused primarily on taking cues from historical art and architecture to produce artwork and new garments with an authentic old world, vintage feel. And, yeah, sometimes it takes a detour towards retro and can even swerve into kitsch.
But that’s just work. That’s not my life, which I try to fill with gardening (badly), sewing, learning to cook, reading, learning to paint, writing, entertaining and whatever else I’m obsessing over at the time.